Leadership Team

carya has always been privileged to attract the highest caliber of leaders who believe in the values of our organization and the work that we do.

Our leadership team comes from every walk of life, including the fields of finance, law enforcement, business, education, human resources, and public relations.

carya Executive Leadership Team

Sue Mallon
Chief Executive Officer

Carolyn Frew
Chief Operating Officer

Linda Tickner
Chief Financial Officer

Denise Meade
Director, External Relations

Linda Tillman
Director, Integrative Services

Leanna Craig
Manager, Human Resources

Elsa Campos
Managing Director, Family Outreach & Resilience

Jenna Miller
Managing Director, Family Counselling & Community Services

Lisa Seel-Thompson
Managing Director, Multigenerational Resilience & Community Development

Lisa Stebbins
Managing Director, Older Adult Services

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Ray Chartier

Shannon King
Vice Chair

Dariel Bateman
Past Chair

Brendan Blair
Treasurer & Chair-Finance/Audit

Jolene Livingston
Secretary & Chair-Philanthropy

Nadine Krenosky

Kristin Anderson

David Granger

Tam Pozzobon

Jennifer Santry

Jill Timmins

Al Lennox
Honorary Director & Chair-Nominating

Deb Moore
Executive Assistant

Directors may be appointed for up to two consecutive three-year terms.