BOOST – Building On Our Strengths Together

At carya, we’re always looking for new ways to serve the Calgary community. We strive to think differently about the needs of our current and potential clients and develop programs that will make our city a stronger, more connected place. With this in mind, we celebrated the launch one of our newest programs last week…. Read more »

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Teens and Tweens

Healthy Living for Older Adults

Healthy Living for Older Adults

What does healthy living mean to you? To us, healthy living means making positive choices that help you to live your best life. Physical health is usually the first area that comes to mind, but social, mental and spiritual health play an equally important role. Understanding how to create a balance between these areas can… Read more »

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Older Adults

carya is here.

If you look around this holiday season, you might see our name a little bit more often than you’re used to as you travel through the city. This year we’re coming to you with a simple message – carya is here. Whether you’re a long time client or you’ve never heard of us before, we… Read more »

Planning for the Future

Planning for the future, whether it be socially, financially, or psychologically, is an important and often overlooked part of getting older. The Healthy Aging Lab at the University of Calgary is hoping to get a better understanding of how Calgarians are planning for their later years, and you can help! The primary purpose of the… Read more »

Sewing the Fabric of Calgary’s Somali Community

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, the country that’s about to become your new home. Everything is new, and you’ve left friends, family and the familiar comforts of home behind. You barely speak the language, making the most basic tasks like grocery shopping or going to the doctor seem monumental. How would you establish yourself,… Read more »

Letting the Child Within Come Out to Play

Carya’s East Village Seniors Drama Group The curtain rises. The audience goes quiet, eagerly anticipating the performance they’re about to take in. The actors appear on stage, and they wow the crowd with their stories. Some are funny, some are more serious, and most are improvised, but all are sincerely heartwarming. That was the scene last… Read more »