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Director, Strong Families in Community

carya is restructuring its senior leadership structure by merging two areas – Family Counselling & Community Services (FCCS), and Family Outreach & Resilience (FORT) into one division. The new entity, “Strong Families in Community”, reflects a natural integration of carya’s counselling services and outreach programs in order to better serve individuals, families, and communities.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, The Director, Strong Families in Community, will provide leadership to this division, which will be the largest within carya, with approximately 50 staff and a budget of roughly $5.4 million (about 53% of the agency’s overall budget).

The Director, Strong Families in Community, is a leadership position touching all aspects of the organization’s operations, with a particular focus on and responsibility for program development and planning, effective delivery and quality control, community relations, and personnel.

Please see the carya Director – Strong Families in Community job posting for more information.



Community Development Facilitator, East Village (HR250)

Our strength is our people, who together with their diverse backgrounds create a workplace where excellence is valued and the atmosphere is both collaborative and forward-moving. Presently we are looking for a skilled Community Development Facilitator.  A new and dynamic position here at carya.  As a member of the East Village project team you will be an integral part of implementing the vision for the East Village & Community Hub Space.  Using asset based community development as a foundation, this position will develop opportunities that connect and engage people of all ages in participatory activities that foster and nurture participants’ strengths and increase resiliency around social participation, social inclusion and personal capacity.  This position will nurture a collaborative, inclusive and community focused environment amongst residents in East Village.    

This position will take the lead on community development activities and work collaboratively with the East Village Hub Coordinator and other stakeholders to work towards carya’s vision for the East Village and the Community Hub Space.   The vision is to develop a multi-generational approach and community hub that meets the needs of both current residents and the evolving needs of a distinct urban neighborhood.  carya believes there is a strong need and desire in the East Village to create both opportunities and a space for people of all ages to come together in ways that promote wellness, provide assistance and reduce social isolation. 

Please see the Community Development Facilitator, East Village job posting for more information.



Senior Support Worker (HR 249)

The Senior Support Worker plays an important role in the delivery of in-home support services to the older adults of Calgary. To help older adults maintain their independence in their home, the Senior Support Program provides assistance with routine household activities, including homemaking and laundry.  The Senior Support Worker acts as the “eyes and ears” for many clients and when necessary, communicates the change in needs of the client to their Supervisor. With the assistance of a Senior Support Worker, many older adults can maintain their independence and “age in place” longer.

The successful candidate will:

  • Provide assistance as required in the day to day homemaking, including laundry, making beds, changing bed linens, dusting, damp mop floors, vacuum, clean bathrooms and take out garbage;
  • Work predominately in the Chinatown area but will be required to travel elsewhere when need arises;
  • Be fluent in Cantonese / Mandarin and English

Please see the Senior Support Worker job posting for more information.