Come play with us!

Group Theraplay gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to engage in spirited, playful and caring interaction with their children. This facilitated play helps develop attachment between caregivers and their children.

These playful interactions provide opportunities to increase positive physical and emotional bonds between parent and child. Parents also feel supported in responding to their child’s needs as they learn to provide guidance and a sense of security for their children. This helps caregiver and child develop a relationship of safety and trust.

Theraplay helps to

  • strengthen connection and belonging between caregiver and child
  • build strong families through responsive and empathetic parenting
  • enhance emotional health and self-esteem

Theraplay meets weekly for six weeks and is open to caregivers and their children ages 6-9.

How to get involved

Theraplay runs three times per year. Please register your interest to stay informed about upcoming group dates and times.