Elder Abuse Response Team

Elder abuse is a prevalent issue that impacts individuals, families, and the entire Calgary community.

Since April 2011, the Elder Abuse Response Team (EART) — a collaboration between carya, Calgary Police Service, and the Kerby Centre — has been working to support older adults who have experienced abuse.

The EART is a multidisciplinary team of social workers and police officers that work together to investigate high risk and / or chronic cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, and abandonment that affect older adults.

Our team is committed to reducing incidents of elder abuse and collaborate to:

  • Respond to and investigate suspected cases of elder abuse
  • Provide support and guidance to abuse victims and their families
  • Assist other service providers working with abuse victims

To report a suspected case of elder abuse, call the Elder Abuse Resource Line at 403-705-3250.

For more information and education, please visit our Elder Abuse Awareness page.