Urgent Family Care

In times of crisis, we help vulnerable families with young children regain the stability they need to weather the storm and come out stronger.

Family crisis can strike at any time.  Urgent Family Care exists to ensure that temporary crisis remain just that, temporary.  It is offered to families across Calgary with a sliding scale fee base on income.

We can help with in-home childcare and practical support for up to 6 weeks to ensure you get back on your feet. Urgent Family Care is mainly provided to families with little or no family or community support where there are risk factors such as financial stress, health problems and periods of turmoil within the home.

Urgent Family Care ensures families:
  • Remain intact during crisis
  • Have routine and stability
  • Connect with resources for ongoing support
  • Get the mentoring and coaching they need to grow stronger
How to access this service:

Urgent Family Care is offered to vulnerable families across Calgary.

For further information, please call 403-269-9888.

In distress?  Need urgent help now?

For 24-hour assistance in times of crisis please call:

Children’s Cottage Crisis Line on 403-233-CARE (403-233-2273)

Distress Center Calgary on 403-266-HELP (403-266-4357)