36% of Canadian girls in grade 6 say they’re self-confident; this drops to just 14% by grade 10.

Between the age of 11 and 16, girls experience many changes that can challenge their self-confidence. During this time, it’s important that we support and build our girls up to be the best they can be as a student, child, friend and individual.

Bloom! is a half-day workshop for girls age 11-13 and 14-16 which helps them:

  • communicate and articulate their feelings
  • deal with stress
  • set goals
  • identify their good qualities and celebrate their uniqueness
  • build lasting self-confidence

This is a fun and empowering workshop where participants have the opportunity to discuss sensitive subjects in a safe and caring environment.

How to get involved:

Bloom! runs multiple times per year in different locations throughout the city.

Alternatively, we offer Bloom! to schools across Calgary for students.

For further information, please contact Laurie at 403-537-3381 or To be notified of our next Bloom! workshop, you can register your interest here.

What our clients say:

“I wanted to share how grateful I am for the experience that Bloom! gave my daughter. She came out from the workshop smiling and feeling very proud of who she is. The awe she had for the gift she left with made my heart swell, thank-you. From her sharing with me what she experienced, I in turn learned so much more about her and who she is becoming in this delicate time of being a tween.”

“We would just like to express our gratitude for providing some of our girls at Terry Fox School with the opportunity to discuss sensitive subjects in a safe and caring environment with the support of a knowledgeable facilitator.  We felt that after two sessions, relationships developed, self-awareness was created and confidence was increased among our participants.”

Useful resources:

Girlville is a safe online resource for parents and girls age 10 – 16 which is owned and run by carya.

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