Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or a physical injury. Both require professional help to assist the healing process and find the road back to health.
BOOST (Building On Our Strengths Together)

BOOST is a 9-week program for individuals aged 16 – 24 which helps find positive meaning from past challenges and learn new skills to assist in making healthier and happier life choices.

BOOST is particularly relevant to youth who are experiencing or have been negatively impacted by reported or unreported crime such as:
  • bullying
  • cyber-bullying
  • fighting
  • assaults

If you are experiencing worry, trouble sleeping, feeling unsafe or other negative impacts this group may be for you.

BOOST sessions will take place on a weekday evening for two-hours at a time in a central location.

The program is based on Seeking Safety and the topics include:
  • taking back your power
  • managing substance use
  • setting boundaries in relationships
  • taking good care of yourself
  • respecting your time
  • coping with triggers
  • detatching from emotional pain

BOOST will help you find a way to a better future than your past.


How to get involved:

For more information, please call 403-205-5244 or email

You can also register your interest to be notified of our upcoming dates.


This program is in partnership with Restorative Actions For Transformation (RAFT).

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