About the program

Starbright is a school-based program that engages sixth grade girls during critical after-school hours.

The program supports pre-adolescent development, fosters resiliency, and empowers girls by offering educational and recreation programming, family enhancement events, volunteering, mentoring, and individual support.

Participants learn how to:

  • Be engaged and successful in their schools, families, community and to be connected to positive and constructive activities
  • Build healthy relationships with family members, peers, professional adults in their school, and members of the community
  • Be self confident, have strong self-esteem, and respect for others
  • Cope effectively with challenges in their life and have hope for their future
  • Be responsible and develop strong positive social attitudes and clear values
Parent involvement

A partnership between parents and program staff is vital to the success of this program.

Parents can be involved through events, on-going contact with program staff regarding community resources, workshops, and by sharing and celebrating their child’s success.


Starbright is part of The City of Calgary’s Afterschool Initiative and is offered in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education in Calgary. The program requires a one-year commitment from participants and written authorization from a parent or guardian.

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