Starburst in the Community

About the program

For nearly 20 years, Starburst has been providing programming to girls in Calgary in particular Junior High Schools. In 2018, we are excited to be piloting a community based version of Starburst for girls aged 12-15.

In a preventative fashion, the program assists adolescent girls in building life skills and coping strategies through education and fun, interactive activities. This helps girls with their gender formation and positive relationship building by providing mentorship with positive female role models and a safe community of female peers.

Starburst in the Community nurtures and reinforces a positive identity and self-image, encourages healthy choices, and teaches relationship skills, coping strategies and constructive decision-making. The program aims to help adolescent girls develop into strong confident young women who can change and shape their life trajectories. This community pilot will take place once per week after-school in each location, with occasional evening or school break opportunities for participants and their families. Participants will also have access to individual outreach support throughout their time in the program.

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