carya is excited to be offering Starburst in the community for the first time as a pilot project! We will be running groups for 12-15 year old girls. The groups will run from February to June. Limited space is available – register now for Starburst in Forest Lawn or Ogden.
About the program

Starburst is a comprehensive resiliency-based program for junior high girls.

In a preventative fashion, the program assists adolescent girls in building real-life solutions and coping strategies through education and information on real-life problem areas. This helps girls with their gender formation and positive relationship building by providing mentorship with positive female role models and a safe community of female peers, as well as promoting healthy life-skills and citizenship through educational, recreational, and leadership opportunities.

Starburst provides individual support to nurture and reinforce a positive identity and self-image, encourages healthy choices, and teaches coping strategies and constructive decision-making. The program aims to help adolescent girls develop into strong confident young women who can change and shape their life trajectories.

What participants learn
  • Self awareness, including personal identity, self image and respect, self confidence, personal boundaries, and self concept
  • How to build healthy relationships with family members, peers, professional adults in their school, and members of the community,
  • Positive social skills, a sense of belonging, and inclusion
  • Decision making by learning to be aware of issues related to healthy lifestyles and risk
  • Engagement as a leader in their community
  • Responsibility and ways to develop a sense of ownership of their school work and attendance

Starburst is offered in designated Calgary Board of Education schools in the city. Participants must agree to a three-year commitment from the beginning of grade seven to the end of grade nine

We are also piloting a brand new version of Starburst in the community in Forest Lawn and in Ogden starting in February.

Upcoming Program Events

Feb 08

Starburst – Forest Lawn

February 8 @ 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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