Worry Warriors

Worry Warriors helps youth 7 – 15 discover strategies for effectively dealing with feelings of worry and anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal reaction that many people, including children and teens, experience. Anxiety and stress are important because they prepare us to act quickly in the face of difficult situations and help us learn in new ones. They are a common response to situations of uncertainty, trouble, trauma or feeling unprepared. However for some youths and teens, feelings of worry, stress and anxiety can become overwhelming. These feelings may interfere with day to day life and activities.

Some signs of an anxiety issue can be:

  • Avoiding social situations
  • Fear/anxiety around things like school, making mistakes, public speaking, specific situations and places
  • Excessive worrying about school, money, health, people and family
  • Physical symptoms (headache, upset stomach)
  • Overdependence on parents
  • Difficulties sleeping or with concentration/focus
  • Strong aversion to new things and change

carya recognizes the importance of helping youth and teens deal with worry and anxiety and giving them the tools to better manage and cope with stress. The Worry Warrior 8-week program looks at:

  • Identifying anxiety
  • Learning “chill skills”
  • Facing fears
  • Problem solving
Your investment:

$80 per participant, offered on a sliding scale.

How to get involved:

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Oct 03

Worry Warriors (Oct 3)

October 3 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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