A Selection of Rhymes

Rhymes are mini stories that you can use wherever you are… at home, at the grocery store or even in the car! Learn these and more in any of our Parent-Child Mother Goose programs. 
Rhymes and finger plays are a great way to build language, listening, imagination and fine motor control. They are a really fun way to instill a love of language in your child, paving the way for strong reading skills later on.

An Action Rhyme: Sleeping Bunnies


Ever seen a room of toddlers hit the deck?  Mention sleeping bunnies and they’ll usually stop what they’re doing and pretend to sleep.  This song is a great tool to help toddlers with transitions.
Sleeping Bunnies
Have child lie down. Parent rubs child’s back.
See the little bunnies sleeping, sleeping until noon 
Come let us gently wake them with a merry tune
Oh so still, are they ill? (big breath in to cue child)

Wake up bunnies, wake up now.
Child gets up and jumps around
Hop little bunnies, hopping, hopping
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hopping hopping
Hop little bunnies, hop and stop.

A Tickle Rhyme: The Garden Snail


Babies and children love the anticipation of a tickle.  Parents creep their fingers up the child’s body slowly and then quickly, ending in a tickle. 

The Garden Snail

With thumb and pointer finger, slowly climb up your child’s arm or leg
Slowly, Slowly, very slowly
Goes the garden snail

Start climbing up again
Slowly, slowly, very slowly
Up the garden trail

With all your fingers tickle up child’s body
Quickly, quickly, very quickly
Goes the little mouse!
Quickly quickly, very quickly
Up into her house!

A Lap Rhyme: A Smooth Road


Bouncing lap rhymes are a wonderful way for parents to play with young children. Rhymes such as these help strengthen your child’s core muscles and allows them to feel the beat of language.  

A Smooth Road
With your child facing you on your lap, slowly sway back and forth
A smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road
Now bounce the child faster and a little higher
A bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road
Now bounce the child faster and higher
A rough road, a rough road, a rough road, a rough road A……
Open your legs and let the child gently fall through

An Action Rhyme: The Cobbler


Rhymes with an action that keeps the beat helps children feel the rhythm of language.  A slow strong beat often helps calm children (after an exciting rhyme like sleeping bunnies).  This rhyme introduces words like “Cobbler” and “mending” – so it’s a great vocabulary builder too! 

The Cobbler
Parent taps the base of the child’s foot to the rhythm of the rhyme
There is a cobbler on our street
mending shoes for little feet
With a bang, with a bang, with a bang, bang, bang!
With a bang, with a bang, with a bang, bang, bang!
Mending shoes, all day long
Mending shoes to keep them strong
with a bang, with a bang, with a bang, bang, bang!