East Village

carya is excited to be part of the East Village!
carya east village East Village Vision
carya’s vision for the East Village Community Space is to create a multi-generational hub that meets the needs of both current residents and the evolving needs of a distinct urban neighborhood. As per community input and engagement, carya knows there is a strong need and desire in the East Village to create a space for people to come together in ways that promote wellness, provide assistance and reduce social isolation. It is carya’s intention to develop the Community Space into a hub that brings complementary services together in one building and provides an inclusive and respectful space for people to gather. Specific needs for the space include, but are not limited to: meeting rooms, multi-function program spaces, office spaces, art space and community kitchen.

The goal is to have updates to the community in November.


Project Update

For a number of reasons the project is behind our initial timelines.  Although we recognize the need for the space by the community, carya and Calgary Housing Company (CHC) want to ensure that the development of the space is sustainable for the long term and have been working together to explore optimal designs and overall activation of the space.  This includes in-depth feasibility and business planning activities as well as exploring alternate designs and initial investment requirements.  During this process, it was determined that carya can operate and deliver the existing and expanded programming in the 2nd floor space.  carya is currently working with CHC and Group2 to optimize the 2nd floor design to fully activate the space and meet program requirements.  carya has received a grant of $50,000 from Calgary Foundation to build and equip the art Space.  In addition to the grant provided by the City for the renovation of the space, carya is applying for a CFEP grant to equip and develop the community kitchen and teaching area.  Timelines may be affected by the approval of these grants.  CHC is exploring viable options for the development of the first floor space and will be evaluating options over the coming months.

Current East Village Programming

carya EAST (428 – 9 Avenue SE) continues to offer fitness, arts, Zumba, chair yoga, games, Community Connects, Chow and Chatter, Move N Mingle and calligraphy on a regular basis as well as some new programs this fall: Savings Circle, Peer to Hear and the Mobile Market.  For a full calendar of events, please pop into carya EAST or check EVNA broadcasts.  We thank FCSS and CMLC for their generous support that enables us to operate in our temporary space.

Check our our carya EAST calendar for full details.

carya Community Kitchen

carya’s Community Kitchen will be a gathering space providing community connection through food, culture and education. The kitchen will provide educational opportunities in the areas of nutrition and food security, and offer cooking classes and special experiences. Situated in the East Village and open to all Calgarians, this space is part of an integrated hub of services and supports for the community.


Educating youth about food has lifelong benefits. Teaching about food origins, nutrition, balanced diets and how to prepare meals creates a positive relationship with food that lasts a lifetime. The carya Community Kitchen intends to focus of youth education and provide classes and instruction that will help tackle some of the food security issues in our city.


Food security is one of the largest issues facing seniors today. In our community kitchen space, we’re committed to running programming for seniors and involving seniors to help solve this issue. Programs will cover topics such as cooking for one, budget friendly nutrition, seasonal eating and group cooking to provide meals to those in need.


A kitchen is a gathering space where community connection and growth happens. This space will have programming intended to blend generations while building natural supports and community.

Social Enterprise

carya’s Community Kitchen will be a space that can be used by small business and not-for-profits for a fee based service that creates revenues for carya programming. This will help us keep programs free or low cost for those in need.

carya Programs Potentially Delivered in East Village

We hope to use a portion of the space at East Village Place to deliver carya programs and services that will help and enhance the residents of East Village.  These program and services will include (but are not limited to): The Way InChild, Youth, Family and Older Adult Counselling, group programs including Anger Management, Bloom, BOOST & Nurture Yourself, Community Development Programs, Elder Friendly Communities, youth recreation & education, Elder Service Corps and social inclusion programming.

Complimentary Services and Social Entrepreneurship

carya has a strong history of delivering relevant and innovative programs for individuals and families across the lifespan, and we will work collaboratively with partners, stakeholders, governments and service providers to bring together a wider range of programs and services to the East Village Community Space. Complimentary programs and services under exploration include health services, recreational & social programs and mental wellness resources.

Not only are the intentional connections like those listed above key to the community space but also the need to create a space for unintentional ways for people to connect and socialize in a space that is inclusive and respectful. Specific attention will be paid to designing gathering spaces within the hub that provide the opportunity to meet, connect and access shared resources such as computers and/or other technologies.

carya is also developing a business plan to operate social entrepreneurial activities within the Community Space to support the operation and ongoing programming in the Community Space. Social entrepreneurship activities currently under consideration are sub-lease management & backbone support for shared work spaces, food service options and partnerships and rentals/special events.

More Information?  Questions?  Concerns?

For Leasing, Programming and Client Concerns
Lisa Stebbins: Phone 403.205.5253 or email LisaS@caryacalgary.ca

For Community Updates and Outreach
Denise Meade: Phone 403.205.5247 or email DeniseM@caryacalgary.ca