Client Stories

“Before Starburst, I never had such direct, positive and stable influences in my life. The adults closest to me at that time took part in substance abuse, had untreated mental illnesses, and had a direct and/or indirect connection with emotional and physical abuse. Even the adults that were my coaches or teachers never overly believed in me because I was never the MVP player or the child that got into trouble at school.


But the connections and support I found through the Starburst program helped create a spark in me that helped me believe I was worth something, I am resilient, and that there are people out there who support me unconditionally to this day and have proven to me that it’s okay to trust and ask for help when it’s needed most.”

Jenna, Starburst Alumni

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“I was so involved in my own misery, I didn’t want to go out of the house. But through the Creative Aging Group at carya and The Way In, I’ve met people like me who are at the same crossroads in life. I realized that I need to explore more options and accept the resources that can help me.”

Eva, Older Adult Program Participant

“When my daughter came into this world in October 2013, I was not in the place I thought I would be. I thought I was going to have a repeat of a horrible experience in my past – losing a son to the system.


carya’s Prime Time program helped me better understand my situation and how to move forward. They are always there for support and compassion and it’s nice knowing you have someone in your corner when you need them. I have had the pleasure of growing myself personally and becoming the confident, happy mom I am today! Without carya, I imagine it would have been a bigger struggle. We thank you!”

Prime Time Participant

“I feel more connected to the community and am more aware of the resources and support available to me and my family since joining the Northeast Support Group.”

Grace, Group Therapy Participant

“We were at the end of our rope; we didn’t know what was happening with our son and we were scared of what would happen if we didn’t find a solution.


After a few weeks of attending the group, we started stepping back to consider what he needed rather than reacting in frustration to his behaviour. We achieved peace in our home for the first time in a long time and we learned new tools and perspectives on how to better understand our son and other family members – including each other.”

Marty and Joan, Connect Parenting Group Participants

carya’s older adult team touches the lives of more than 6,000 older adults in Calgary every year. Below are some stories of Elder Abuse, which is sadly a growing problem in our city.