Adoption Kinship Support

Learning to love each other can often be the first challenge for many families who adopt.

This program gives adopted children, their parents, and any siblings, an opportunity to engage in activities that promote attachment, build trust, and encourage healthy relationships with their parents and siblings.

Our specially trained counsellors, social workers, and psychologists assist families through the entire adoption process and also provide ongoing support throughout the child’s development, including:

  • During the pre-placement process
  • In transitioning the child into the adoptive home
  • With on-going support throughout the child’s development



Support is available to parents and adopted children from newborn to 24 years of age who have been united through the public system.

Families who have adopted internationally or within the private system can access post-adoption services at carya if space is available.


This program is funded by Calgary and Area Child and Family Services and is provided free of charge to kinship parents and adoptive families who are adopting within the public system or who currently qualify for post-adoptive services.

How to get involved

Please call 403-269-9888 for further information.