Families Helping Families

1 in 10 children in Alberta live in poverty.  This figure hasn’t changed in 25 years.  Our city’s families need our help.

Families Helping Families is a two-year pilot program funded by United Way and developed by Family Independence Initiative in the U.S.  The program is currently in its second year.

The program operates in Bowness, Montgomery and Greenwood Village and engages families to take greater control of their finances, goals, households and futures.  The aim is to build resiliency and enable parents to work together to improve their capacity to earn money, grow in confidence and move out of poverty.

Training on financial management is part of the support offered. Regular financial audits are undertaken to support growth and change.

Families Helping Families also provides a structure for:

  • Fostering a safe space for dialogue
  • Monthly group meetings
  • Monthly reporting and quarterly auditing
  • Positive modeling between peers
  • Tangible feedback from peers
  • Expanded social networks
  • A focus on family strengths and asse

Families Helping Families is not currently taking on new participants.