In Sync

Decades of science and academic research prove the importance of healthy parenting practices in the early years.
Science aside, sometimes parenting can simply be overwhelming.

In Sync is a science and research based program which helps parents build more stable, supportive relationships with their children to help the whole family reach their full potential.

It is offered at no cost to parents of children age 0-6 years old across Calgary.

In Sync uses the power of play to build and strengthen parent-child relationships and develop healthy attachment in those first few years.  It’s a simple and yet incredibly effective way for parents to connect with and understand their children and reduce stress within the home while their little ones enjoy feeling safe, loved and protected.

This in-home program is founded on strengthening parent-child relationships. We help parents of children ages 0-6 who:

  • struggle to cope with parenthood
  • find it hard to relate to and bond with their child
  • have been separated from their child and are looking to reconnect
  • find their child’s behaviour concerning

In Sync can work with you to:

  • better relate to and understand your child
  • learn how to create positive interactions
  • reduce stress within the home
  • find new ways to enjoy the parenthood journey
How to get involved:

In Sync is an in-home service for families, but we are also happy to see you in our Downtown office or in your community.

To enroll in the program, please call 403.269.9888.

What our clients say:

“When so many people were telling me that I was to blame for my sons issues, you built me up so I could be a better mom to both of my sons.  He hasn’t missed a day of school this year.  I’ve been empowered by the techniques you’ve taught me and he’s happy and learning.”

Useful resources:

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