Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Preparedness Training (E-Prep) is an interactive and educational workshop, developed by Alberta Health Services and carya, that uses a step-by-step plan for participants to develop their own personalized preparedness kit.

This workshop recognizes the importance of practical preparedness and psychosocial health and wellness in the event of an emergency or disaster. The workshop material is aimed at supporting individuals from the general public and vulnerable populations.

The E – Prep workshop can be offered to participants in the community. E – Prep trainers can also provide community members, professionals and/or paraprofessionals with information to facilitate E – Prep on their own. Facilitators will be provided with training in key facilitation skills and access to necessary workshop materials.

Why E – Prep?

The objective of E – Prep is to build capacity by promoting personal preparedness, fostering connections, and cultivating resilience. This workshop is beneficial to all individuals.

E – Prep is a two hour (2) workshop delivered on or off site with maximum number of participants determined on a per workshop basis.

For further details email carya at kents@caryacalgary.ca or the AHS Community Disaster Outreach Team (CDOT) CDOT@albertahealthservices.ca