Circle of Security

Enhance the connection with your child by understanding their needs.

Research shows that children who feel safe show more empathy, exhibit greater self-esteem, have better relationships with parents and peers and can better handle emotions. Circle of Security helps parents understand their child’s needs, which leads to a strong parent-child attachment.

Circle of Security is an eight-week program for parents and caregivers of children ages 0 – 6.

Circle of Security helps parents
  • better understand their child’s behaviour
  • become aware of their reactions
  • improve their moment-to-moment parenting choices
  • develop a stronger relationship with their child
What Our Clients Say

“After taking Circle of Security I was better able to understand how to strengthen my relationship with my child, especially during difficult times.”

“I didn’t realize how my reactions as a parent impact my daughter.”

“A gentle approach to parenting – it’s not a strategy but a state of mind.”

How to Get Involved

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