Children & Parenthood

Babies & Toddlers

In Sync

Building connections and creating stability between parents and children up to six years old

Bowmont Families Together

Giving children the tools they need
to succeed in learning and in life

Circle of Security

Enhancing the parent-child connection by helping parents understand their child's needs

Prime Time

Giving expectant parents and families of children up to two years old practical parenting skills and coaching

Support for Parents

Parent Peer Support Group

Bringing caregivers together to collectively support the parental journey through mentorship and practical strategies

Families Helping Families

A two year pilot program which helps families support each other to move out of poverty

Urgent Family Care

In-home respite care and practical support for vulnerable families experiencing temporary crisis

Connect Parenting Group

Supporting relationships between parents and their pre-teen and/or teen

Parenting The Nurturing Way

A free program for inner city families focusing on creating a more balanced family environment.

Empowerment for Parents

A two-hour workshop on infant brain development to empower parents and caregivers