About Carya

About Us

At carya, we know that the strength of our community is rooted in its people.

That’s why we’ve dedicated more than 100 years of service to creating healthier, more connected communities in Calgary.

With 40 program offerings for individuals and families, we provide a full spectrum of interactive counselling and development services for people of all ages — from babies to youth to older adults — and their support network.

Our highly skilled team encourages more than 40,000 Calgarians each year to discover their full potential and build flourishing relationships with their families and community.

Becoming The Carya Society of Calgary

carya has a long and proud history of quietly serving Calgary’s community.

Our organization was originally founded as the Associated Charities in 1910, but was more largely known as Calgary Family Services since 1947.

In that time, we’ve seen and heard much concern and frustration from clients who confused us with the government’s child welfare services group. This knowledge, coupled with our commitment to building awareness and community support, became the catalyst for our rebrand.

Through the rebranding process, we explored many names – from a list of 50 to start – and carya was the one that excited us most.

It is a genus of the hickory tree that is widely regarded for its roots; they may not be harder than those of other trees, but offer a resilient combination of strength, durability, and stiffness.

In many ways, we found that the carya roots mirrored our own. And with that realization and through this process, we uncovered the strength of our own organization

And now we continue that same work in the community with a name that honours our past and gives us renewed focus for the future.