carya cash lottery has arrived!

It is an exciting time at carya! We have launched the very first year of the carya cash lottery! The money raised from this lottery will go directly to programs within the agency that are in desperate need of funding. This amazing agency helps people in need of all ages, from babies to older adults…. Read more »

Caring for Your Aging Parents

As a parent ages, it can be difficult for their adult children to see the changes and acknowledge the growing needs their parent may have. Parents are often the backbone of the family unit and it can be unexpected to find yourself suddenly caring for them. It’s a role reversal many are not prepared for…. Read more »

Let’s Talk About Bullying

Let's Talk About Bullying

If you’re experiencing bullying, carya is here for you. Today is Pink Shirt Day. Every year in February, people across Canada and around the world come together online and offline to talk about bullying and encourage everyone to practice kindness. Many of us, young, old and everywhere in between, have felt the effects of bullying…. Read more »

carya EAST

carya EAST

Our Temporary East Village Home It’s a new year, and we’re excited to kick of 2018 with a brand new space! Well, new to us, that is. As of January 1st, carya has taken over part of the main floor of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope building. carya EAST is now open and offering… Read more »

Why I Donate: Theresa Watson

Why I Donate Theresa Watson

One of our committed supporters talks about why she supports carya and why you should, too. Driven, educated and successful, Theresa Watson knows how to do her research. When choosing a tenant for a building she owns in southeast Calgary, she connected with carya and determined that we’d be the perfect fit. Since that first… Read more »

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Our Donors

Adoption: A Lifelong Journey


Adoption is a process of give and take. There is incredible joy in the forming of a new family, where new parents can give a child opportunities they might never have had. But alongside that joy comes sorrow and loss. A mother loses the chance to raise her child. A child loses the chance to… Read more »