about us

Our Impact and Reports

At Carya, we are rooted in our belief that everyone, regardless of circumstance, deserves access to the support they need when they need it most.

We believe in nurturing the unique strengths, abilities, and talents that individuals, families, and communities already possess to overcome adversity and build strong foundations for their futures. 

Our mission of ‘engaging individuals, families, and communities to realize their potential’ through our tireless work in the following areas:  
Strengthening Family Functioning

By connecting caregivers and families with evidence-based therapies and counselling programs, along with community-based opportunities for self-development, Carya builds confidence and improves cohesion and functionality, which strengthens the entire family.

Enhancing Mental Health

Through best practice counselling programs and positive psychology groups, Carya works to address the mental health needs of individuals in the Calgary community and to improve mental health and resiliency. 

Improving Living Conditions

From facilitating access to resources to enhancing financial literacy, Carya walks alongside vulnerable individuals as they navigate systems and services to enhance their living conditions and quality of life.

Increasing Social Connections

From multiple locations across Calgary, Carya creates optimal conditions for connection by providing registered, drop-in, and community-led programs and initiatives that reduce social isolation and increase a sense of belonging. 

This work propels Carya towards our vision of ‘creating strong families and communities for generations.’  

Our Report to the Community

As a police officer, I saw the outcomes of when we didn’t invest in people. So when I see the work that Carya does, I understand really deeply, the impact that is has long-term… not just on those individuals, but on the community.

-Nina Vaughn, Board Member