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Unpacking Emotions

Our emotions shape our thoughts and decisions, so knowing how we feel can help guide us to more meaningful relationships and a better understanding of ourselves and our needs.

Our Unpacking Emotions group will focus on understanding the complex human emotions we experience daily and the direction they can bring to our lives.

What can I expect?

In this group you will learn to embrace your feelings (even the uncomfortable ones) and learn to view emotions as teachers that guide us on knowing what we need. You will learn about why we have emotions and how to use our feelings to become more aware of our needs. 

Is Unpacking Emotions for me?

Adult (18+) learners who want to understand their own emotions and what they mean.

Upcoming Program Dates and Times

*FULL* Bowmont Commons – 5000 Bowness Rd NW
Mondays, April 15- June 24, 2024
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
*Please note this group is held in the downstairs community room and requires use of stairs to access

Please note that the Unpacking Emotions Spring session is now full. If you’re interested in being added to our Fall waitlist, please click the button below to book a welcome appointment with one of Carya’s Facilitators.