Prime Time

Nobody is born fully equipped to deal with all that parenthood entails. Parenting skills are learned, refined through experience and passed down through generations via communities.

Prime Time is an in-home coaching and skills building program which helps expectant parents and families with children age 0-3 years old, across Calgary. It is offered at no cost to participants.

Prime Time supports vulnerable families and those experiencing stress within the home including financial or emotional stress or isolation. The aim of the program is to provide practical guidance and information for expecting or new parents and give them the skills that build confidence they need to meet their child’s needs from birth, through infancy and beyond.

Prime Time helps parents:
  • understand health and nutrition for their child
  • develop family routines
  • learn how to soothe and comfort
  • understand and meet their child’s developmental needs
  • bond with their child through contact and play

Prime Time also helps connect vulnerable parents to community resources for lasting health, well-being and support.

How to get involved:

Prime Time is an in-home service for families living in Calgary.

To enroll in the program, please call 403-269-9888.


“The most important part of my support from Prime Time is how the family coach helped to improve my confidence as a parent and as a person. She helped me rise above my insecurities as a mom and become a very strong woman. Because of her strength and encouragement, I now have the tools and confidence to face any situation for myself and my children.”

Useful resources:

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

First 2,000 Days 

Infant Mental Health promotion

Thanks the Calgary Society for Healthy Child Development for their support.