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Aging in Community Supports

Have you ever considered the profound impact of connection on our well-being?

Addressing needs related to the social determinants of health and having strong social support plays a crucial role in maintaining our physical and mental health

Aging in Community Supports (AICS) is a collaboration of four agencies (JFSC, Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society, Carya, and Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen’s Association). We support older adults (55+) with limited natural supports who require community-based services to maintain their wellness, by connecting them to non-medical, community-based resources to enhance overall quality of life and support healthy aging in community.   

What to expect?

Our team of outreach workers connects with older adults in their own homes, or in convenient community locations to support them with: 

Is Aging in Community Support for me?

Is there a cost?

There is no fee associated with the Aging in Community Support (AICS) program. 

How do I access this support?

To access support through AICS, older adults must be referred from a Primary Care Network ( PCNs), Alberta Health Service (AHS), family physicians, and other medical professionals.


If you’re interested in referring a patient, contact Megan Hincks for more information.