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Elder Abuse Response and
Prevention Team

Know the signs – Break the Silence

Elder abuse impacts individuals, families, and the entire Calgary community. It is a complex issue that often goes unreported and is estimated that up to 10% of all older adults experience some form of abuse.

Carya is involved in responding to elder abuse by supporting the impacted individual and their families, as well as educating the community and professionals about elder abuse. Carya provides training to the community about identifying potential abuse and how best to support impacted individuals and their families. 

Elder abuse is any intentional or reckless act or willful and negligent disregard occurring within a relationship of family, trust, or dependency directed at someone 65 years of age or older, that:

  • Causes physical harm; 
  • Causes emotional or psychological harm; 
  • Involves the misappropriation or misuse of money or other personal possessions or personal or real property; 
  • Subjects an individual to non-consensual sexual contact, activity or behaviour; or 
  • Fails to provide the necessities of life. 

If this is an emergency or someone you know is at immediate risk, please call 911. 

Elder Abuse Response Team

Working to support older adults who have experienced abuse. 

The Elder Abuse Response Team is a joint response with Calgary Police Service constables and Carya’s Specialized Criminal Justice Navigators (SCJNs), who respond together to victims of suspected and confirmed criminal cases of elder abuse. The police constables and SCJNs work in collaboration, with police conducting the investigative and risk assessment activities and the SCJNs focusing on the development of safety plans, resource requirements, comprehensive victim assessment, and ongoing emotional and resource supports for the victim.

Our team is committed to reducing incidents of elder abuse and collaborates to: 

To make a report on a suspected case of elder abuse, please call the police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

If you or someone you know may be experiencing elder abuse, please call the Elder Abuse Resource Line at 403-705-3250.

Elder Abuse Support Team

Prevention, Education, and Awareness 

Working collaboratively with community partners, this program provides social work and outreach support to victims of non-criminal elder abuse. By providing individuals affected by elder abuse with the necessary supports and resources to help them experience increased safety, stability and personal supports through then individuals can restore their wellbeing and continue to age with dignity. This program also provides consultation and education to professionals working in the seniors sector. 

For more information on elder abuse consultation, please call 403-705-7560