Financial Wellness

Financial Coaching

Our personal finances aren’t a subject we often talk about with our family and friends. It can be hard to open up and ask for help from those closest to us when we’re struggling.

People with strong money management skills are often more confident and take part more fully in their community. Money helps us meet our basic needs, such as food, transportation, and housing. When our basic needs are met, we can spend more time with family and friends, engage in hobbies and simply enjoy life. Knowing that the essentials are taken care of makes it much easier to set goals for the future and plan out how to achieve those goals. Money certainly isn’t the only source of happiness, but feeling confident in where your money is going tends to lead to an improved quality of life.

Carya’s Financial Coaching program supports older adults (age 65+) with the opportunity to speak with a financial coach about how they can achieve their financial goals. 

What to expect?

Our Financial Coaches work with you to assess your financial situation, identify areas for improvement, and set goals to improve your financial well-being. A Financial Coach is a trained professional and neutral person who looks at your financial situation objectively and provides advice on how you can achieve your financial goals. 

As a Financial Coaching participant, you’ll learn ways to save money, improve your credit rating, deal with debt, how and where you can save money on banks and credit cards, build an emergency fund, and use free financial services. You’ll also talk about your future goals, both financial and personal, and figure out the best way to achieve them.  

During coaching sessions, you will:

Is Financial Coaching for me?

Carya’s Financial Coaching program specifically assists older adults (65+) who are residing in the areas serviced by Carya’s The Way In Network. 

Is there a cost?

There is no cost associated.  

How do I access Financial Coaching?

This program is provided by The Way In Network, a collective of Calgary-based agencies committed to enriching the lives and improving access to services and support for vulnerable older adults and their families in the community. Through this collaboration, each agency extends outreach services to specific geographic regions within Calgary. Carya’s Financial Coaching program specifically assists older adults (65+) who are residing in the areas serviced by Carya. 

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Carya provided me with a knowledgeable financial expert who gave me an unbiased third-party perspective on my situation. In the long run, her advice was to my benefit. I am now debt-free as of December 2022!

-Carya Participant