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12 Days of carya Featuring Mawer Investment Ltd.


carya has had the privilege of partnering with many outstanding companies and organizations, and for several years, Mawer Investments Ltd. has supported countless community members through their generosity and investment in carya’s mission.

Mawer’s support makes a tangible difference in the community and takes actionable steps in their goal of poverty reduction through meeting basic needs, enhancing financial literacy, and fostering mental health in the community.


As a privately owned, independent investment management firm. Mawer’s purpose is to provide clients with financial peace of mind. To achieve this, they strive to deliver long-term investment excellence, build strong client partnerships and do the right thing—always. Mawer Investment Ltd. also strives to help the Calgary Community as they specialize in global and domestic equity, balanced, and fixed income strategies. For nearly half a century, they have helped institutional and individual clients successfully navigate the shifting market landscape and many economic cycles using their disciplined, “boring,” investment approach.


As a dedicated community partner, Mawer has been proud to support carya as we work towards supporting Calgarians when and where they need it most! Through their support and investment of $60,000, Mawer will help carya to provide counseling sessions and financial support to Calgarians seeking these services.

Thanks to their generous support, in 2023, carya will be developing and delivering a Fraud and Scam Prevention program which will support individuals at a high-risk of financial exploitation to better understand the warning signs of frauds and scams.

We are so grateful for the support of our partners like Mawer Investments Ltd., who make a difference in the lives of Calgarians every day. We hope to bring more awareness about the impact that these organizations have on our community, and encourage everyone to show their support to companies who invest back into their community.

If you would like to join carya, in supporting over 40,000 individuals this holiday season, when and where they need us most. Contact tiffanys@caryacalgary.ca to learn more.

Every day we will be featuring a partner that makes a difference at carya! Stay tuned for more and follow #12Daysofcarya on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.





for more information about how Mawer Investement Ltd. is making a difference visit: www.mawer.com/about/communitygiving/