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Better Together – Coffee at Village Commons

A warm cup of tea, cider, or coffee has a way of bringing people together in comfort like few other things. The aroma wafting around a corner, the sound of a whistling kettle, the tinkling of a spoon in a mug … all of us have a sensory connection to sharing a cup with our family, friends, and neighbours.

That’s why the coffee and tea bar at Village Commons is such an integral part of the space, allowing us all to be together, connect, and share.

Because we’re better together.

In keeping with our mission of building strong communities, we partnered with a local East Village resident whose family has a rich history in growing, harvesting, roasting, and brewing coffee.

AromaGenoves is a Calgary-based coffee company that was started 5 generations ago by Ernesto’s family in Colombia. For five generations, Giraldo the family has worked together to tend and farm the land, creating a boutique coffee with flavours as deep and rich as the history behind it.

The organic beans are farmed at an elevation of over 2000 metres in the areas of Quindiana and Valle del Cauca, and flown over 6,000 kilometers to Calgary — bringing family, community, and coffee full circle at Village Commons.

Here, there’s always coffee — and it’s always free. At Village Commons you can make a friend, grab a mug and fill your cup, curl up with a book, access support, move your body, bend your mind, find purpose, and enrich our community — together.

Everyone is welcome.

If you want to support a local business and get yourself some of the same great coffee we have at Village Commons, you can find AromaGenoves at Crossroads Market, Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market, Chestermere Farmers Market, and Drumheller Farmers Market.