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Better Together – Lucy’s Story

Twenty-one months into this global pandemic and we continue to see evidence of something we’ve known at carya for 111 years … we’re better together.

For many people, opportunities for social connection through carya have been a lifeline.

Like Lucy, who we met last year while she was living alone in the community.

She was experiencing sudden isolation due to the pandemic. Her relationships were limited to her family and when the lockdown began she had found herself sitting alone most days in her basement apartment without seeing anyone. She saw in her community newspaper that carya offered groups and opportunities to talk on the phone –so she gave us a call.

We spoke to her a few times on the phone, listened to her story and met her a few times outside for coffee.

During these conversations we provided light coaching, empathy and built trust with Lucy. She eventually joined our Learning Together at Home group where she learned about new hobbies and activities she could try. It was here she saw that there were others feeling the need to fill their life with meaning and felt good about joining some of our other groups where people could engage in deeper conversations. We have seen her enjoy sharing her love of sewing with others, talking about how the pandemic has affected her and the sudden increase of loss she has experienced as she gets older.

Lucy now feels less dependent on her family to keep her busy and feels less disappointed in her life. Now, Lucy is an enthusiastic participant in many carya programs and has met new people that live close to her that she can talk to outside of groups. If facing more restrictions she can join in on virtual groups but if it’s a nice day she is happy to make her way out to the community association to join in on exercise and craft groups.

In her own words, Lucy says “You saved my life.”

Lucy’s story demonstrates how important social connection is to our well-being. Love, friendship, and belonging are all as critical of a basic need as food or water. We can’t live without it. Human beings are hardwired for connection and relationships. We’re better together.

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