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Calgary Herald Christmas Fund Makes a Difference

With the season of goodwill in full swing, the Carya team has been fortunate to receive funding from the Calgary Herald’s Christmas Fund.

The funding will provide our Elder Abuse Response Team with an additional social worker to ensure Calgary’s vulnerable and at risk older adults are given the support they need.

It’s estimated that one in five seniors is living with an abusive situation;  imagine one out of every five older adults you come into contact with is living with financial, emotional, physical or sexual abuse.  It’s a frightening thought.

Carya’s Elder Abuse Response team works closely with Calgary Police and The Kerby Center to ensure seniors and their families who are experiencing abuse have someone to turn to and a place to go.

In 75% of cases investigated in Calgary, the perpetrator is an adult child of the victim.  In most other cases it’s a family member or someone in a position of trust.  Because of the close nature of elder abuse, it can be difficult to identify, define and address.  But that’s what our team does, every day.

They also educate and inform the public to ensure they’re the eyes and ears of our senior community; because a community response is the best response.

The Calgary Herald Christmas Fund support will help Carya protect hundreds more seniors in our city and for that we are so grateful.

Please support the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund here.

Merry Christmas Everyone!