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carya Celebrates Social Prescribing Day on March 9th


Social prescribing is an innovative approach to healthcare that aims to address the root causes of health concerns by connecting patients with non-medical resources in their communities. In Alberta, social prescribing has been gaining momentum as a way to improve health outcomes, particularly for those experiencing social isolation.

As a social impact agency, carya understand the importance and impact of social prescribing in our community and is pleased to celebrate Social Prescribing Day on March 9th, 2023.

carya has been able to model the benefits of social prescribing through The Way in Network, a collaboration of Calgary-based agencies dedicated to enhancing quality of life for vulnerable seniors. At carya, we have seen the benefits of social prescribing in action through the Aging in Community Supports program, a service provided through The Way in Network, and many other carya programs and services which address the social determinants of health.

Social prescribing takes a holistic approach by integrating healthcare and community resources such as carya. By working together, healthcare providers and community organizations can create a network of support that addresses community need and can lead to improved health outcomes and a stronger sense of community.

By connecting vulnerable seniors to non-medical supports through The Way in Network and other programs, carya can provide resources which serve as preventative alternatives to traditional medical models.

Social prescribing is proving to have many benefits such as:

Improved Health & Cost Savings
Social prescribing can lead to improved health by addressing the root causes of health problems and can reduce the need for expensive medical interventions, such as doctor visits, hospital stays or medications.

Improved Access to Resources
Social prescribing initiatives such as The Way in Network, can help clients access resources that they may not have otherwise known about or been able to access. This is particularly true for those who may be experiencing isolation, as they are introduced to programs and services that can enhance their quality of life, social connection, and wellbeing.

By working with healthcare professionals, community organizations, and individuals, carya has connected individuals with resources and activities that address their unique needs and interests. By providing these opportunities, carya has been able to help individuals overcome challenges, build connections, and improve their overall health and well-being.

At carya, we understand the importance of connecting individuals with resources and activities in their community. To make a contribution towards the work of carya, including programs like The Way in Network, please visit www.caryacalgary.ca.