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carya’s New Artist In Residence

With summer finally taking hold, we’d like to welcome our second Artist In Residence at our new Village Commons community hub.

Introducing … Karen Scarlett!

Karen Scarlett began practicing and exploring visual art when she was a young girl, growing up on a fourth-generation dairy farm west of Innisfail, Alberta. Her Grandma encouraged her to try everything, her dad sparked Karen’s love of power tools and design, and her mother taught her sewing and hand-crafts.

Karen is inspired by the majestic views of the Alberta landscape and often reaches back into her childhood memories to express her connection to the land and animals and the wealth it has brought to her life.

Karen is a multi-discipline artist, working with fibre, metals, bas-relief, sculpture and various paint mediums. Her work can be found across North America and in various spots around the globe. To see more of her work, visit karenscarlett.com

Art For Older Adults: Watercolour

Karen will be offering workshops on Watercolour for seniors over the next three months. While the workshops will still be happening online, individuals can come take the zoom class from our new Village Commons Community Hub space. You can register for Karen’s Watercolour classes here, or by emailing Marie Bryce at MarieB@caryacalgary.ca


Thank You, Stacey Walyuchow

We’d also like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to our first-ever Artist in Residence Stacey Walyuchow. Through Spring, 24 older adults worked with Stacey to learn her ‘painted collage’ process, and create their own works of art. Stacey also spearheaded the ‘Community Art Installation’ supported by the City of Calgary and Calgary Housing. This installation is now in the stairwell of Village Commons. Read more about the installation, and the Common Unity Chapbook project, here.