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Donate to carya with SkipTheDepot

carya has been a partner with SkipTheDepot since 2018, making recycling plastic and donating to the community easier than ever. SkipTheDepot is a bottle and can redemption center working to save the time and energy of Calgarians, and giving back to charities who make an impact in our city.

Your recyclable bottles and cans will be picked up free of charge from your home or business, and your return will be donated to carya on your behalf! Here’s how you can get involved and help us provide our counselling and community services to those in need of support.


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How it works

Register Account

Download the free SkipTheDepot app from the Apple Store or Google Play or register on their website. Select customer sign up, enter your details, and click Sign Up. From here you can select carya out of the featured organizations list!

Schedule Pickup or Drop Off

Enter your address, date, and expected number of bags for your pickup. Place your bags outside on collection day then sit back, and relax! A driver will collect the bags, and your account will be credited within a few days.


Once your recycling is whisked away, SkipTheDepot will send you a breakdown of your return with your deposit in 48 hours. You can cash-out, or select carya as your charity of choice and receive a tax receipt.


Now that you know how to donate with SkipTheDepot, here are a few other benefits of the program!

  • It’s easy! And SkipTheDepot shows you exactly what they’ve picked up.
  • Keeps your vehicle clean and saves you gas money by letting SkipTheDepot come to you!
  • Saves time driving and waiting for containers to be counted!
  • Your bottle donation to carya will help local youth, families and seniors!

Donating to carya through SkipTheDepot helps local communities and keeps plastics out of the landfill. Go green and supporting carya by signing up for SkipTheDepot today!

Let’s build a stronger, and greener, Calgary for generations to come – together.

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