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Financial Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Coaching is a free and confidential service offered by carya. Here are some answers to some FAQs to help you understand what Financial Coaching is all about.

  1. What is the primary goal of Financial Coaching? Financial Coaching works to build on and improve practical money management skills while increasing financial knowledge and confidence.
  2. Who can access carya’s Financial Coaching? This free service is available to individuals, couples, families, and older adults.
  3. What does a Financial Coaching session at carya look like? Every Financial Coaching session is customized to your unique needs. We often say that you, the participant, are in the driver’s seat driving towards your financial destination, and the Financial Coach is in the passenger seat helping you find the best route to your destination. Your first Financial Coaching session will likely include these three things:
    a. Discussing your financial concerns and talking about how you feel about money management.
    b. Reviewing your current financial situation and helping you prioritize the financial goals that are important to you.
    c. Figuring out how we can support you to achieve those goals
  4. How many sessions will I need to attend? There is no requirement or limit for the number of sessions. Financial Coaching is guided by you! Our Coaches can provide you with as little or as much support as you require.
  5. Do I get money by attending a Financial Coaching session? No, you do not get money from carya. However many people who participate in Financial Coaching tell us they have been able to save money after becoming more aware of their monthly expenses.
  6. Do I have come to your office? Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering Financial Coaching virtually, either over the phone or through video chat. Normally we offer either an in person or a virtual option for Financial Coaching sessions.

For more information, or to be connected with a Financial Coach, please call us at 403.269.9888.