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Financial Coaching: A Road Map to Achieving your Financial Goals

Money isn’t a subject we often talk about with our family and friends. It can be hard to open up and ask for help from those closest to us when we’re struggling with our finances. carya recently launched a new Financial Coaching program, where people can talk to a neutral and knowledgeable coach about how they can achieve their financial goals. We sat down with one of our trained Financial Coaches, Sajjad, to learn more about this new program.

What is Financial Coaching?

Our Financial Coaches work with individuals and families to assess their financial situation, identify areas of improvement and set goals to improve their financial well-being. A Financial Coach is a trained professional and neutral person who looks at your financial situation objectively and provides advice on how you can achieve your financial goals. Essentially, the participant is in the driver’s seat and sets their financial destination, and the coach helps them find the right road. We offer this service for free at carya.

What can a Financial Coaching participant hope to gain from the program?

As a Financial Coaching participant, you’ll learn ways to save money, improve your credit rating, deal with debt, how and where you can save money on banks and credit cards, how to build an emergency fund and how to make use of free financial services. You’ll talk about your future goals, both financial and personal, and figure out the best way to achieve them.

Why has carya decided to offer Financial Coaching?

People with strong money management skills are often more confident and take part more fully in their community. While these services are commonly available in banks or at a fee, we wanted to provide an option that is free of charge and not related to the products of a specific financial institution.

Money helps us meet our basic needs, such as food, transportation and housing. When our basic needs are met, we can spend more time with family and friends, engage in hobbies and simply enjoy life. Knowing that the essentials are taken care of makes it much easier to set goals for the future and plan out how to achieve those goals. Money certainly isn’t the only source of happiness, but feeling confident in where your money is going tends to lead to an improved quality of life.

What is one simple habit can improve a person’s long term financial situation?

Start saving now! Even if you only save a dollar a week, over time it will make a difference. Little drops make a river!

What would say to someone who is struggling to manage their finances?

Talk to someone about what you’re going through. Whether you talk to us carya or someone else, getting your struggles out in the open can make a huge difference.

For more information about carya’s Financial Coaching services, please call 403.269.9888 or email info@caryacalgary.ca.