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Hearing Aid Clinic: Collaborating in the Community

On June 15th, 2022, carya hosted a hearing aid clinic in collaboration with Audiology Innovations and the Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association (BSAA), providing new or refurbished hearing aids to hearing-impaired older adults in the community at no cost.

Dr. Carrie Scarff and her incredible team at Audiology Innovations are making sure lower-income seniors have affordable access to essential healthcare items. Three participants walked away with hearing aids after their ears were assessed and a comprehensive hearing test was completed. Clinic staff also provided training for seniors to help them use and care for their hearing aids. 

40–50% of adults over 75 experience hearing loss.

Each participant left the clinic overjoyed to feel more connected to those around them, and better equipped to maintain their independence in the community.

Stan was ecstatic to be able to make calls again on his phone with his new hearing aid, after struggling to connect with friends, family, and caretakers.

After getting his new hearing aids, Stan was over the moon to discover how easy it was to communicate with those around him, and he eagerly phoned his dogwalker to arrange a date for his beloved pooch.

Jellybean, Stan’s dog, was just as happy as his owner and gave our friends at Audiology Innovations a big smile! 

Together, the Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association (BSAA) and carya identify older adults in the community who need access to affordable hearing solutions and connect them with the wonderful Audiologists working with Dr. Scarff at Audiology Innovations.

The BSAA, carya and Audiology Innovations partner together to facilitate a Hearing Aid Recycling Program to provide vulnerable seniors with accessible hearing technology.

Through this collaboration, carya is able to meet the needs of older adults in Calgary and provide important resources while improving the lives of those in our community. 

We thank our collaborators at Bowmont Seniors Assistance Association and Audiology Innovations for their incredible work empowering older adults with accessible hearing care and technology!

To learn more about Audiology Innovations’ work or to receive help with your hearing, visit their website or call (403)-252-4722.

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