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Seniors’ Week 2021

Seniors’ Week
June 7 – 13

Seniors’ Week has been celebrated since 1986 to celebrate and recognize seniors across Alberta. Seniors’ Week is a great opportunity to honour and recognize all that seniors have contributed to making our families, communities and our province stronger.

Seniors are a vital part of our communities. As parents and grandparents, mentors and friends, employees and employers, they make a difference in our lives. It is more important than ever that we recognize, celebrate and support seniors throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our older populations have been greatly impacted over the last year not only because of higher risks for severe illness, but they are also more affected by isolation and physical-distancing distancing measures.

New studies show seniors are more lonely and less optimistic after months of the pandemic. And close to 6 in 10 seniors report being very or extremely concerned about their own health, and 37% are concerned about staying connected to their social circles.

All those concerns can have a negative impact on mental and physical health, and the pandemic has made seeking support and resources a challenge.

Age-Friendly Calgary has launched a new Social Isolation Awareness Campaign specifically for older adults. You can learn more about the impacts of social isolation on seniors, find activities and events, and tips on how you can connect with an isolated senior in your neighbourhood.

Here are a few ideas:

Greet Your Neighbours Regularly

Saying hi to your neighbour with a friendly hello, or wave connects you and allows for deeper conversations in the future. It gets you familiar with people in your neighbourhood and you’re more likely to notice if something changes .

Create Positive Messages and Drawings Using Sidewalk Chalk

Draw a picture and encourage others to add to it. Do this with family and friends and cover a large area of sidewalk. Write campaign messages like “Staying connected never gets old”

Be A Walking Buddy

Invite an older adult to join you and use this time to share interests. You could agree to do this regularly. Make sure you are following current public health guidance.

Deliver A  Flower To Your Neighbours

Buy a dozen flowers, or pick them from your garden, to deliver to neighbours’ homes.

Commit To 3 Simple Acts Of Kindness

With the City of Calgary’s Neighbours Helping Neighbours toolkit.

However you connect with the seniors in your life, use the #StayConnected hashtag and share with your network. You might just inspire someone else to help, too.

More Resources

carya Older Adults Support

We have a number of resources, groups and supports specifically for older adults. You can find counselling, community groups, art therapy, educational sessions, in-home assistance, and Elder Abuse Awareness Training and Response Teams. If you or someone you know may be experiencing elder abuse, please call the Elder Abuse Resource Line at 403-705-3250. To make a report on a suspected case of elder abuse, please call the police non-emergency line at 403-266-1234. If this is an emergency or someone you know is at immediate risk, please call 911.

The Way In & 403-SENIORS

carya provides outreach to vulnerable older adults and their families who live in the north, west, and central areas of Calgary. carya belongs to The Way In Network, a collaboration of four agencies, who provide these services across the city through 403-SENIORS (403.736.4677)

Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society

Services and support for seniors ranging from essential transportation, meal delivery, friendly check-ins, volunteer drop-offs and social work outreach.

Kerby Centre

Kerby Centre for the 55+ provides activities, programs and services to help older adults stay active, connected and informed.

The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association

The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association (CCECA) is a non-profit social service organization located in the heart of downtown Calgary. It has been serving Chinese older adults citywide since 1985. It provides a great variety of services and programs including social services, community support, health service, etc.

Rainbow Elders

Rainbow Elders Calgary is an enthusiastic group of LGBTQ+ senior folks advocating for LGBTQ+ seniors, connecting with and inspiring LGBTQ+ youth and strengthening Calgary’s gay community.