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Team carya: Patricia’s Story

Building strong families and communities for generations takes time, dedication, and care.

carya counsellor Patricia Canales is approaching her twenty-fifth year on staff and brings her dedication, care and expertise to every aspect of her work and each client she connects with.

At work, Patricia is a skilled language specific counsellor, mentor, and supervisor. At home, she’s raised three children into adulthood, makes time for sports and travelling, and knows the power of living in the moment and being curious, adventurous, and resilient.

Patricia was born in Chile, where she studied education and worked as a teacher until immigrating to Canada at 26. From there she began her journey at carya and found a new passion for hands-on work with clients and meeting people in need where they are.

Patricia specializes in Spanish language counselling where she’s able to provide crucial support for those in our community who need it most, and where she can see firsthand how being supported in the most comfortable way possible has an incredibly positive impact on her client’s lives.

“Try everything and take advantage of the time you have in this life.”

The hard work, dedication and compassion Patricia has brought to carya over the last twenty-four years has touched the lives of thousands of Calgarians – her clients, coworkers, friends and family. She continues to inspire, mentor, and motivate the next generation of psychologists while uplifting and supporting families and individuals in the Calgary community. 

carya is proud to offer Language Specific Counselling in partnership with Community Connect YYC for people of any age, gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, physical ability, and spirituality. Our experienced and professional team of counsellors like Patricia can support you in dealing with a challenging time by providing a warm and non-judgmental space to share your concerns and challenges. Learn more and book a session at Community Connect YYC.

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