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12 Days of carya Featuring Calgary Municipal Land Corporation


12 Days of carya is here; from December 1st through 16th, we will celebrate our supporters who have chosen to invest in carya’s essential services! We want to celebrate our supporters by showcasing their impact on the community.

The word carya means hickory tree. A tree known for its deep roots, and strong but flexible wood. As a social profit agency, carya has been deeply rooted in the Calgary community since 1910 and is dedicated to creating strong families and communities for generations. We’re here for all Calgarians seeking support with mental, physical, emotional, and financial well-being.­­­

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) understands our passion for creating strong communities and is rooted in community participation and designed to strengthen the connections between places, experiences, and people. Over the past fifteen years, CMLC has transformed East Village, the home of carya’s Village Common’s community hub, into one of the most eagerly anticipated neighborhoods in Calgary.

This commitment to connection is embedded deeply in the work of both organizations and is demonstrated in a variety of carya programs including ‘carya groups’. Groups are offered from a number of carya locations, including Village Commons, and aid individuals seeki­­ng help in many areas such as mental health, family support, youth engagement, and senior support.

Thanks to the support of community-minded organizations such as CMLC, carya is able to offer free-of-charge registered and drop-in group programs in the community – when and where Calgarians need them most.

We want to provide our deepest gratitude to all our community partners for choosing to support carya. We are incredibly grateful for Calgary Municipal Land Corporation; their continued support and, most recently, donated funds are a tremendous help towards our greater cause, and we are fortunate to be able to recognize CMLC as one of our community partners.

If you would like to join carya in supporting over 40,000 individuals this holiday season, when and where they need us most, please get in touch with tiffanys@caryacalgary.ca to learn more.

Every day we will feature a partner that makes a difference at carya! Stay tuned for more, and follow #12Daysofcarya on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.­




For more information about CMLC please visit: www.calgarymlc.ca