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carya EAST

carya EAST

Our Temporary East Village Home It’s a new year, and we’re excited to kick of 2018 with a brand new space! Well, new to us, that is. As of January 1st, carya has taken over part of the main floor of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope building. carya EAST is now open and offering… Read more »

Our New East Village Community Space

carya east village

Help us build our Space for All in East Village! Vote for carya in Aviva’s Community Fund competition. As you might have heard, we’re coming to Calgary’s East Village! We’re already offering programs and services in the area, such as The Way In and our older adult Wellness Exchange. Now, we’re excited to create a permanent… Read more »

Planning for the Future

Planning for the future, whether it be socially, financially, or psychologically, is an important and often overlooked part of getting older. The Healthy Aging Lab at the University of Calgary is hoping to get a better understanding of how Calgarians are planning for their later years, and you can help! The primary purpose of the… Read more »

Sewing the Fabric of Calgary’s Somali Community

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, the country that’s about to become your new home. Everything is new, and you’ve left friends, family and the familiar comforts of home behind. You barely speak the language, making the most basic tasks like grocery shopping or going to the doctor seem monumental. How would you establish yourself,… Read more »

Letting the Child Within Come Out to Play

Carya’s East Village Seniors Drama Group The curtain rises. The audience goes quiet, eagerly anticipating the performance they’re about to take in. The actors appear on stage, and they wow the crowd with their stories. Some are funny, some are more serious, and most are improvised, but all are sincerely heartwarming. That was the scene last… Read more »

Carya Does Stampede in Bowmont

Carya Does Stampede in Bowmont

Yahoo! Stampede fever is sweeping Calgary, and we’re excited to get in on the action. While we help individuals and families throughout the city, this year we’ll be getting in to the Stampede spirit in Bowmont, a community we’ve been a part of for many years. We offer a number of programs from our Bowmont… Read more »

Supporting Somali Communities in Calgary

Carya recently launched a new Community Development project with Calgary’s Somali people, a community which came to Canada fleeing civil war in the mid-nineties. Calgary is home to more than 4,500 Somalis, many of whom reside in the communities of Radisson, Killarney, Beltline and Forest Lawn.  39% of Somalis living in Calgary are under the… Read more »