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Act Out! at the 2016 NMT Symposium

For more than ten years, Carya’s Act Out! program has been helping teens and tweens learn how to navigate the difficult situations they face every day. By dramatizing scenarios that they might face in their everyday life, Act Out! has allowed hundreds of young people to find their voice, develop empathy and become comfortable in their own skin. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to speak about this powerful program at the Neurosequential Model (NMT) Symposium in Banff next week!

The NMT Symposium brings together delegates from around the globe to discuss and learn about issues impacting children, family and community. More than 700 people representing twelve countries will descend on beautiful Banff in hopes of expanding their understanding of the young people they serve. With sessions covering everything from public health, to justice, to alternative therapy, to trauma, and much more, the NMT Symposium will provide delegates with the ideas and insights they need to help more children and families. There will also be ample opportunity for informal and spontaneous conversation, allowing attendees to share ideas from their diverse disciplines.

In our presentation, we’ll talk about how Act Out! gives teens the coping skills they need deal with tough topics like racism, homophobia, and peer conflict. We’ll explain how shy and cautious kids develop confidence through drama games and discussion. We’ll describe the way that acting transforms these teens before our eyes over the program’s eight week span, and the fun they have in the process. Act Out! has brought positive change to the lives of so many Calgary teenagers, and we’re so excited to share its impact with an audience from around the globe.

Carya is pleased and honoured to be presenting at this world class conference. If you are attending the NMT Symposium, we hope to see you in room KC 302 at 3:45 on Thursday, June 9th. Otherwise, you can learn more about the Act Out! program here.