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4 Tips for Creating Back To School Routines With Your Kids

School is back, and so is the challenge of helping kids get back into their routine. With students heading into their third schoolyear marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy routines are more important than ever. Whether your mornings or bedtimes get a little hectic, most families benefit from a little extra structure in their day.  Routines at home help kids feel safe and secure, and are… Read more »

New Groups, Workshops, and Series at carya this Fall

With the Fall season soon upon us, carya is switching back into high gear with a slate of new and returning groups, workshops and series. Keep an eye on this space, and our events calendar, for updates. Registration information is included at each link.   for families Time to Grow: Shift Happens! This 7-week free workshops series will connect adults in and around the East Village… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Bullying

If you’re experiencing bullying, carya is here for you. Today is Pink Shirt Day. Every year in February, people across Canada and around the world come together online and offline to talk about bullying and encourage everyone to practice kindness. Many of us, young, old and everywhere in between, have felt the effects of bullying. But Pink Shirt Day focuses specifically on a time when bullying… Read more »

I Siriusly Wish You Knew

BUY THE BOOK NOW Limited quantities available Everyone has an unspoken story – something that they wish their friends, family, colleagues or peers knew about them but they just can’t share. The James Fowler High School Sirius Group asked people to submit unspoken stories of what they wish someone in their life knew. They compiled these stories into a book called I Siriusly Wish You Knew…. Read more »

Doing Some Sirius Good

Two of our Sirius Allies share what they’ve loved and learned as carya volunteers. Being a volunteer requires a special kind of commitment. Choosing to be part of something not because you have to, but because you truly want to is a powerful and wonderful thing. We are very lucky to have Barbara and Laura as two of the amazing volunteer Allies who support our Sirius program…. Read more »

BOOST – Building On Our Strengths Together

At carya, we’re always looking for new ways to serve the Calgary community. We strive to think differently about the needs of our current and potential clients and develop programs that will make our city a stronger, more connected place. With this in mind, we celebrated the launch one of our newest programs last week. BOOST, Building On Our Strengths Together, will offer support for youth… Read more »

Black, White, and Blood Gala: A Sirius Fundraiser

The Black, White and Blood Gala is a fun-raising event put on by the women’s group L’EMBA to raise post-secondary scholarship money for Carya’s Sirius program. All proceeds from the event go towards funding scholarships for at-risk grade 10 and 11 girls. The event includes a cocktail reception with hors d’oeuvres, cash bar (beer and wine), a silent auction and then…. the showing of a classic… Read more »

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Here at Carya, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with some amazing young people. Our Starbright, Starburst and Sirius programs are offered to girls in selected elementary, junior high, and high schools respectively. Grade six boys in designated elementary schools have the chance to be a part of our Odyssey program. Although these are school-based programs, the fun doesn’t stop when the final bell… Read more »

Act Out! at the 2016 NMT Symposium

For more than ten years, Carya’s Act Out! program has been helping teens and tweens learn how to navigate the difficult situations they face every day. By dramatizing scenarios that they might face in their everyday life, Act Out! has allowed hundreds of young people to find their voice, develop empathy and become comfortable in their own skin. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to speak… Read more »