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Let’s Talk About Bullying

Let's Talk About Bullying

If you’re experiencing bullying, carya is here for you. Today is Pink Shirt Day. Every year in February, people across Canada and around the world come together online and offline to talk about bullying and encourage everyone to practice kindness. Many of us, young, old and everywhere in between, have felt the effects of bullying…. Read more »

Doing Some Sirius Good

Sirius Allies

Two of our Sirius Allies share what they’ve loved and learned as carya volunteers. Being a volunteer requires a special kind of commitment. Choosing to be part of something not because you have to, but because you truly want to is a powerful and wonderful thing. We are very lucky to have Barbara and Laura as… Read more »

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BOOST – Building On Our Strengths Together

At carya, we’re always looking for new ways to serve the Calgary community. We strive to think differently about the needs of our current and potential clients and develop programs that will make our city a stronger, more connected place. With this in mind, we celebrated the launch one of our newest programs last week…. Read more »

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Teens and Tweens

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

How we spent our summer vacation

Here at Carya, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with some amazing young people. Our Starbright, Starburst and Sirius programs are offered to girls in selected elementary, junior high, and high schools respectively. Grade six boys in designated elementary schools have the chance to be a part of our Odyssey program. Although these… Read more »

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Act Out! at the 2016 NMT Symposium

Act Out at the 2016 NMT Symposium

For more than ten years, Carya’s Act Out! program has been helping teens and tweens learn how to navigate the difficult situations they face every day. By dramatizing scenarios that they might face in their everyday life, Act Out! has allowed hundreds of young people to find their voice, develop empathy and become comfortable in… Read more »

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Teens and Tweens

Neglect in a digital era

Around a dining table, a family are about to eat.  They don’t speak to one another, their eyes are fixed on various handheld devices which chirp and vibrate at regular intervals. They consider themselves to be a regular family with a peaceful home. Let’s look a little closer. Chloe is twelve and she’s becoming increasingly… Read more »

Got Sleepy Teens?

If your sparky, full of energy kids have suddenly started to drag their feet around the house and are barely able to articulate a sentence before midday, don’t despair, it’s perfectly normal.  In fact the leap into adolescence is accompanied by a re-calibration of something called Circadian Rhythms…which can make said ‘leap’ more like a… Read more »

Why Our Girls Need to Lead

Women hold only 15% of leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies and yet they constitute 48% of the Canadian workforce. So why are our girls not raising through the ranks in the same way their male counterparts do? At the end of November, Calgary will welcome the Born 2 Lead youth leadership conference along with… Read more »

Tongue Tied or Troubled?

Research suggests that, during the teenage years, language goes a little off-line and vocabulary can shrink from 40,000 words to as little as 8,000 words. So parents could find their children go from being chatty and engaged to silent, repetitive and brief in their responses.  And that’s a perfectly normal part of the development of… Read more »

Teenage Rejection: It’s Biologically Scripted.

In the early adolescent years many parents are left hurt and confused by their offspring’s sudden rejection of their love and affection.  Teenagers can appear to go from doting to disliking overnight leading to hurt feelings and conflict. But parents need to realize that this sudden shift in attachment is biologically scripted and should even… Read more »

Fentanyl: A parental approach

So far in 2015, Fentanyl has been responsible for 145 deaths in Alberta; a sharp and concerning rise from the 120 Fentanyl associated deaths reported in the province for the whole of 2014. Fentanyl is cheap, plentiful on the streets and delivers a powerful high but its strength means that younger ‘experimental’ users and those… Read more »

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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Resilience

The incidence of sexual assault among women attending university in Canada is estimated to be as great as 25%.  A recent research study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that first year students completing a 12-hour resistance program reduced the rate of rape by nearly 50%. Something to be celebrated? Certainly. But sexual… Read more »