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Celebrating 35,579 Moments of Connection: Three Years at Village Commons

Since opening our doors on July 5, 2021, Village Commons has been more than just a community hub—it has been a place where 35,579 moments of connection, growth, and belonging have unfolded. Here, community isn’t just a concept, it’s a tangible reality for everyone who walks through our doors.

As we get ready to celebrate our third anniversary, we reflect on the 35,579 visits that have shaped our journey. At Carya, we know that beyond the numbers, each visit represents a unique story of connection and empowerment. It’s the story of Irene, who, after facing numerous setbacks such as job loss, declining health, and depression, found solace and support through our diverse programs and services. These offerings allowed her to rebuild her resilience and form meaningful connections at her own pace.

“You witness people’s strengths and meet others who, like you, are navigating different stages of life’s changes. They inspire me,” Irene shares. “Attending these groups is like breathing new life into my days; they give me the will to keep going.”

From evidence-based counselling and mental health support to inclusive group offerings, hubs like Village Commons make it possible for vulnerable community members like Irene to engage in programs and services in a convenient, safe, and supportive environment.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to serving you, our community. “The magic of Village Commons lies in its ability to bring people together, fostering connections that might not have happened otherwise. It’s a testament to the power of community and the impact we can have on each other’s lives,” – Ben Sargent, Manager, Community and Innovation

Village Commons is where creation, connection, and heartfelt sharing come alive. It’s a place where families flourish, and people of all ages and backgrounds can learn, grow, and create together in community. Above all, Village Commons is a place where everyone belongs.

Here’s to 35,579 visits—and to the countless stories of community and growth that await at Village Commons. We eagerly anticipate sharing the next 35,578 moments with you.

Happy anniversary, Village Commons!