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Connections Matter

Connections matter. They matter a lot. Whether it’s a warm conversation with a trusted friend, shared laughter at a community event, or the kindness of a stranger – these moments contribute to our well-being and sense of belonging. In a world that thrives off connectivity, it may come as a surprise that social isolation continues to be a significant challenge, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds.

While social isolation tends to increase with age, complexities introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic show that more young individuals and families are feeling the effects of limited social interactions and disrupted support systems.

So why does this matter?

When individuals feel connected and feel a sense of belonging, our communities are healthier and more resilient, and right now, 1 in 3 Calgarians feel as though they do not belong in their community.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing this critical issue. Connections and natural supports come in many forms. From the family we are born into to the friends and family we choose, meaningful relationships will look different for every individual. However, these connections, whether given to or selected by you, are vital for maintaining good physical and emotional health. They create a sense of belonging and help protect us from stressful life events.

At carya, we are actively working to build bridges between communities through our different program offerings, providing a place where everyone can feel connected, supported, and valued.

This month, International Day of Friendship is celebrated on July 30th. In recognition of this day, we encourage you to reach out and connect with your support networks, and if you’re looking for other ways to make connections, carya is here.

“If someone is considering using a carya service, I would encourage them to give it a go because the staff are relational and supportive, and everyone deserves community connections and support.” – carya client.

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