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Creating Connection to Bridge Gaps


Each day, we are immersed in technology. From looking up the daily forecast to checking our bank statements or having a virtual meeting, we are constantly connected – evolving and adapting to the latest updates.

For many of the seniors carya serves, this constant evolution can be an overwhelming consideration. Technology has become a barrier and is increasingly challenging as our world becomes more tech-centered. Today, everything revolves around using a device or technology including accessing many services, acquiring basic needs, and staying connected socially.

While many believe seniors are not tech-savvy, carya knows that with the right support and meaningful connections, older adults can learn the skills to navigate a digital world more confidently and competently. 

carya offers a Tech Mentor Program that partners savvy volunteers one-on-one with seniors who are interested in safely learning about technology. Tech mentors work with seniors to build confidence with their devices, answer questions about tech and safety, and help seniors navigate and explore the ways tech can benefit their lives. 

Mary* is a senior in the Tech Mentor Program who used time with a mentor to learn how to simply turn on and charge her phone. Since accessing this opportunity, she has been able to use social media to stay connected with her friends and family. She now enjoys seeing new pictures of her loved ones and interacting with them by liking or commenting on these images. She is even working on how to post her own photos!

Volunteers in this program help bridge the gaps and reduce barriers by providing that connection and sharing their skills. We want to take this opportunity to thank you this incredible group for their gift of connection!

To learn more about how you can Give the Gift of connection and support Calgarians of all ages when and where they need us most, visit www.caryacalgary.ca/donate.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.