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Community Champion: Clothing Drive Initiative

Ivy*, a client of The Way In Network, inspired a movement of kindness and proved that age would never hold her back! carya is very proud to assist a client-led initiative to raise donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Ivy says she’s deeply connected to the trauma and fear experienced by those fleeing and suffering in Ukraine. Her empathy stems from personal experience with international conflict and a desire to lend a helping hand to newcomers.

With over ninety years of wisdom, Ivy knows the importance of helping those seeking peace. So she took it upon herself to start a clothing drive in her subsidized seniors’ building and encouraged all her friends and neighbours to pitch in for a good cause. 

Over the last month, carya‘s The Way In Team has been working hard to help coordinate this grassroots clothing drive for Ukrainians seeking refuge in Calgary. Anne McIlwaine, Supervisor of The Way In Network, was touched by Ivy’s initiative to support Ukrainian refugees in our city.

“To support her and her healing – we decided to help out, and many of The Way In staff brought clothing donations of their own.”  

Together, Ivy and her community collected many large bags of donatable items such as clothes, bedding and toys. The Way In Team was able to transport the contributions to the Women In Need Society (WINS) donation center. 

We are so inspired by remarkable acts of empathy and kindness like Ivy’s and The Way In Network.

*name altered to maintain privacy

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