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Non-Profit Business Continuity Management Program Toolkit

Following the 2016 Wood Buffalo Wildfire response, using funds allocated by The Canadian Red Cross Society, The United Way of Calgary & Area released a call for proposal to identify organizations to provide emergency preparedness and business continuity support to Calgary non-profit organizations individually and as part of a network to respond to an emergency.

carya was selected to act as lead organization and was awarded funding from this call for proposal beginning April 1, 2018. The concept was to provide coordinated business continuity planning support and resources for non-profit organizations and to collaborate with participating members to build capacity for business continuity through an integrated, inter-sectoral approach.

The project was titled: Integrated Non-Profit Business Continuity Project (INBCP). The project was a pilot with the intention to establish a sustainable program and expand the scope to support additional non-profit organizations.

The project team wanted to share learnings and provide a toolkit, with the materials used in the project providing a starting point for non-profit organizations to create and implement a Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP).

This toolkit is meant to be a guide, based on your organization’s resourcing, program objectives and maturity.


Non-Profit Business Continuity Management Program Toolkit

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